Upcoming event

To fuse or not to fuse: webinar on fusion biopsy


Presenters: Dr. Jochen Walz and Dr. Jurgen Fütterer

MRI is increasingly used in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Here, it is especially used to identify suspicious lesions inside the prostate. Those lesions are then considered as targets during ultrasound guided biopsy. Targeting can be done either based on the operator’s skills to localize the lesion inside of the prostate, called cognitive fusion, or by using specific technical devices allowing MRI and ultrasound image fusion.

Experts Dr. Jochen Walz (urologist) and Dr. Jurgen Fütterer (radiologist) are hosting a webinar on fusion biopsy: To Fuse or Not to Fuse? The webinar will discuss several aspects of the MRI-based prostate cancer diagnostic pathway; address advantages and limitations of MRI; and examine the advantages and disadvantages of the cognitive and the MRI-ultrasound fusion approaches.