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Aftercare should not be an afterthought


Contemporary surgical interventions for prostate cancer (PCa) include radical surgery, radiation and focal therapy. An important factor for patient’s choosing a treatment modality are functional outcomes, including erectile function and continence. Despite this, there is no standardisation in reporting functional outcomes.

Although a number of novel techniques have been introduced to mitigate the risks of erectile dysfunction, there are very few randomised studies assessing the superiority of different surgical interventions on quality-of-life outcomes. Furthermore, arbitrary thresholds are used to report potency and continence rates.

This webinar will critically focus on the quality-of-life outcomes in men treated for PCa following radical prostatectomy. In particular, the speakers will highlight the discrepancies in reported outcome data and real-life setting. They will also provide a model of survivorship care to facilitate return of sexual and urinary function.

In collaboration with Boston Scientific

Prof. S. Minhas (GB)

Prof. A. Deschamps (BE)
Mr. A. Sahai (GB)
Mr. M. Shabbir (GB)
Prof. Dr. D. Tilki (DE)

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