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ESOU Online: EAU22 highlights in prostate cancer


In this new edition of the ESOU Online programme, moderated by Prof. Rouprêt, experts from different fields in uro-oncology discuss some important topics that are presented at the EAU Annual Congress 2022 in Amsterdam.

This programme starts with Prof. De la Taille, who elaborates on the result of the Phase 3 ARASENS Trial, continues with a case study presented by Dr. Gomez Rivas, lastly Dr. Efstathiou gives her state-of-the-art lecture on mHSPC combination therapy.

Also watch the full presentations of “Overall Survival With Darolutamide Versus Placebo in Combination With Androgen-deprivation Therapy and Docetaxel by Stratification Factors in the Phase 3 ARASENS Trial” by Prof. Tombal and Dissant by Dr. Radtke.