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PCa20: Latest updates from the rapidly evolving field that is prostate cancer management

The unexpected COVID-19 crisis should not prevent urologists from discussing the recent practice-changing developments in prostate cancer management. As a result, the 2020 edition of the EAU Update on Prostate Cancer (PCa20) went virtual covering four main topics.

The meeting started with an update on the staging of prostate cancer and the increasing role of MRI and new-generation PSMA-based imaging as diagnostic and prognostic tools. During the debate, different questions were raised. Should we use PSMA PET/CT in all high-risk patients prior to local treatment? Can we trust a biparametric MRI and avoid contrast-enhanced sequences?

Watch the webcast “PSMA based imaging in primary and recurrent disease“.

The second session focused on the management of recurrent disease. It dealt with the ideal timing of post-operative radiotherapy according to the recent publication of the ARTISTIC meta-analysis and with the optimal therapy for oligo-metastatic recurrence. The session also included a discussion about imaging-directed therapy.

Watch the webcast “Timing of radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy“.

The third session offered updates on the management of de novo, low-volume, metastatic prostate cancer. It addressed questions such as: should we treat the primary tumour? Should we intensify hormone treatment in accordance with the recent data, particularly the data from the STAMPEDE trial (the abiraterone arm)?

Watch our interview with Prof. Van Moorselaar.

Finally, new developments in the management of castration-resistant prostate cancer were discussed, both in the non-metastatic and in the metastatic setting.

Prostate cancer management remains a rapidly evolving field, from diagnosis to late-stage treatment, with unceasing developments. The new edition of PCa20 confirmed the need for regular and interactive updates.

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